International Design Competition Prize Winner!

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Huge congratulations to RBA’s Matthew, who has come second in an international design competition!

Matthew entered the Legendary Bird Home competition last year and learnt the results earlier this week. The competition was the second in a series that aims to raise awareness for the global environmental crisis. Matthew had to design an innovative bird house that could be built at home. The design needed to use environmentally sustainable methods and easily available materials.

Matthew’s design aims to bring a diverse range of wildlife back into the urban landscape. It consists of a hexagon shape with a different centre to adapt it for birds, insects or plants. The bird houses have a single hole for the birds to enter, while the insect houses have a collection of tubes to make a ‘hotel’ for bees, butterflies, bugs and spiders. Matthew also carefully considered the need for water and drainage in the plant boxes. The nests can then be fixed to walls in a variety of tessellating patterns.

Matthew also gives details of the best way to make the nests – with a 3D printer, or simply building them with wood. The design allows for for different sized birds and plants as it can be easily made larger or smaller.

Bee Breeders organised the competition in collaboration with Birdly, a socially responsible start up that supports environmental causes worldwide by selling bird homes. The jury consisted of an international panel of designers and architects. They commented that Matt’s entry was ‘adaptable, simple and beautiful in its execution’ and noted that the multifunctionality made it a strong project. The jury also commended the strong graphic presentation and layout of the entry.

Well done Matt!

To view Matthew’s full entry, please click here – Urban Bird Sanctuary.


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